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Build out your entire land team with our Platinum Team Service.  This six month service provides you with:

  • 30 minute strategy and kickoff meeting with LandVA4U Partners and VA team
  • A full complement of hours with our VA Team consisting of an Intake Manager, a Sales Assistant and a Marketing Assistant
  • Tech Automation of your systems, including Intake/Acquisition, Property Inventory, Marketing and Sales.  This is fully integrated with your existing tools and offers efficiencies and consistency.
  • Weekly LandVA4U Partner Oversight Meetings with your team to discuss success and direction of the team.
  • Monthly LandVA4U Partner meetings with you to provide reports on the team success and ensure that the team is functioning at top performance.

Platinum LandVA4U Team Service

Price Options
Platinum Team
$1,149.00every month for 6 months
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